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앞머리가발 보관법


- use Mesh box







붙임머리, 포니테일 등 보관법









Remove the wig from your head and place it on a styrofoam head. 

This styrofoam head will keep the hair in place as it should be and will keep the part in place.



Place your wig away from heat, dust or any other environmental condition that may cause it damage.
It is best to keep your wig in a clean place and in an open space.
Only when traveling should a wig be placed in an enclosed area.


Store your wig in high places away from pets and children.
You don't want your wig to be ruined by cats using it as a toy or children wanting to play dress up with it.


Purchase a wire rack to store your wig. This is an alternative to the Styrofoam head idea.
The wire rack will allow for air to circulate throughout your wig and keep it smelling fresh.


Place your wig very carefully in a portable travel storage container when you take trips.
This type of device can support and protect your wig.
This will be best so that the wig does not get crushed or lose its shape during your travels.







Here are some tips in storing wigs.
Comb out the wig. Run a wide-toothed comb through the wig to keep it tangle-free.
Do it carefully, making sure not to pull the hair.
If you sharply comb it out, your wig might lose some strands in the same way that real hair does.
If the tangles are quite hard to undo, gently comb your fingers through the wig.
Just a reminder: the comb should be solely used for the wig and nothing else.
It should not be used to brush a stuffed animal, comb your own hair, or groom a pet.

Use wig head to store your wig. Wig head helps in keeping the shape and form of the wig.
It works much better than a box because it minimizes tangles and does not enclose the wig.
But if you do want to use a box, make sure the wig is fitted into a wig head.
You have a lot of choices when it comes to wig head.
You can choose the most commonly used Styrofoam head, elongated wig heads for long wigs, or collapsible heads for traveling.

Buy a wig stand. Other than a wig head, you can also purchase and use a wig stand.
Like the wig head, it preserves the form and shape of the wig and keeps it from getting tangled.

Use a wig net or scarf to cover the wig.
You don't want your wig to get musty and dusty, do you?
So to keep it always clean, cover your wig with a wig net or scarf.
This also keeps the wig in place and tangle-free when the wind or soft breeze blows.
You can also cover it with a plastic, but make sure to leave an open side to allow for air circulation.
This then will prevent moisture from locking in.

Place the wig in area where it is not exposed to heat and dust.
Continuous exposure to heat and dust may cause your wig damages, so unless you have budget for repair and replacement, make sure to store it in an area where it is protected from such elements.

Keep the wig away from children and pets.
Children and pets are curious beings, and wigs to them are not fashion items but toys to play with.
So to spare your wig from potential damages, lock it up in your room or place it in an elevated area where it's beyond kids' and pets' reach. 



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