Wholesale / Reseller

I am interested in Drop-Ship service or want to ship my order to my friend

Sure! The address does not need to be your own; you may just set the shipping address to your customer's or friend's during the check out. 

If you have any trouble regarding the shipping address, feel free to contact our customer service: kpoptownservice@gmail.

I would like to be a wholesaler/reseller.

Please contact Kpoptownservice@gmail.com. We will give you more detail.

I want to use another shipping options like LBC and Aramex for my wholesale order. Is it possible?

Yes, you may, but you need to contact LBC or Aramex Korea directly and arrange the shipment schedule with them first. 

Then you should set the shipping address to their office in Korea on our website. We will send your package to their office.

You will pay us only the domestic shipping fee and pay the international shipping cost to LBC or Aramex directly. 

Also, please note that we are not responsible for any potential damage during the delivery, in case the shipping is done by a third-party logistics company. 

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