ORION Squid Peanut Original 98g

ORION Squid Peanut Original 202g

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  • Product: ORION Squid Peanut Original 202g
  • Avoid direct sunlight and humidity, store in a cool, and dry place
  • Crispy peanuts and squid combined ball type snack
  • Another typically Korean flavor, ojingeo (오징어) and ttangkong (땅콩) literally mean squid and peanuts. Real dried roasted squid with roasted peanuts is a favorite anju (안주, food that accompanies alcoholic drinks) pairing, so someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting these two flavors together in a snack. Like its name, the snack has a strong sea-like salty taste outside with a peanut in the center
  • Tag: korea food, korea snack, snack, cookie, squid peanut, squid snack, peanut snack
오리온 오징어땅콩 202g
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