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  • Product: CJ CHAPSSAL HO-TTEOK Mix 400g
  • HO-TTEOK(Korean Pancake) that can be easily made at home with a frying pan. (no deed to ferment)
  • Easy cooking with peanuts contained savory jam and yeast
  • Avoid direct sunlight and humidity, store in a cool and dry place. After opening, seal and store in a refrigerator to preserve
  • To Prepare
    1.(Making a Dough) Put hot water (250 ml?40~45℃) and yeast into a bowl, mix well with a rice paddle
     2.( Making a Dough) Pour mix powder and mix well for 5 minutes
     3.(Formation) Cut the dough, and add the jam mix(1 small spoon) and roll the dough so that the jam mix won`t come out
     4.(Baking) Put the formed dough into the frying pan with oil with low heat, while putting make it flat and thin from the upper part, and bake both sides for 12 minutes
  • You can change fillings to honey or etc. according to your taste
  • Watch out for scalding, since the syrup is hot
  • Tag: korea food, korea cake, korea pan cake, ho tteok
백설 찹쌀호떡믹스400g
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