• Introduction

"DH GLOBAL” – hereinafter referred to as “the Company – considers the privacy of customers highly important and abides by the “Act on Protection of Information and Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network.” The Company hereby states the detail of personal information usage.


• The use and purpose of personal information collected

1.    Name, birthday, gender, ID, password, home phone number and(or) cell phone number, and e-mail address for creating the membership on the Company’s online store.

2.    Address and payment method information on the purpose of providing service and making a delivery.

3.    Information collected by accessing our online system: access log, cookies, connecting IP information, payment record.


• Duration of keeping personal information

The company keeps the customer’s personal information as long as he/she retains the membership of the shop. All the information collected should be deleted from the database upon the customer’s request of deleting his/her account from the shop.


• Disclosure of personal information

1.    The company does not dlsclose the customer’s personal information to any third party without his/her prior agreement.

2. If the law enforcement agency requires the personal information on the purpose of investigation entitled by the related law, the Company complies with the request and reveals the personal informataion of the customer.


• The rights of the customer on personal information use

1.    The customer has the right to change, correct or modifiy his/her personal information listed on the company’s database. The cutomer is also entitled to request the company to correct personal information in case there is any sort of error in the information collected.

2.    The customer has the right to ask the Company to remove the account or terminate the membership at any time. The company deletes all the personal data collected upon the customer’s withdrawl request, following the terms stated in “Duration of keeping personal information.”

3.    You may claim the rights mentioned above by contacting the following e-mail account: [email protected].

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