Why Choose Our Dropshipping Service?

1. Vast Product Selection: We are very quick to update the all latest KPOP CDs and MDs

2. Zero Inventory Hassles: We handle the entire fulfillment process for you.

3.  Worldwide Shipping with reasonable price by K-Packet, USPS, DHL, EMS

4.  Additional Discount: You can collect loyalty points (2% value)  and will receive additional permanent discounts based on your purchase history.

                                   Over 100 Orders, 3 % discount additionally will be applied to your account permanently. 

                                   Over 500 Orders, 4 % discount additionally will be applied to your account permanently. 

                                   Over 1,000 Orders, 5 % discount additionally will be applied to your account permanently. 

 Low Startup Costs: With no need to purchase inventory upfront, you can start your business with minimal financial risk.

 Placing the Order with KPOPTOWN

1. Please make each customer's order under your account with the exact shipping address with their contact number.

2. You can set paypal or credit card billing address as yours, delivery address as your customer.

3. You may receive a tracking number to your email, once we do update the tracking number.

4. From the My Order menu, you can manage and track each customer's order status.

5. We will not write the sender as " KPOPTOWN " but we should use the person's name and our warehouse address by the regulation of the Carrier Company.

Interested  or you made more than 100 orders? Send us email to [email protected]

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