Do you provide Dropshipping Service ?

KPOPTOWN is proud to offer a comprehensive dropshipping service, designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses in the KPOP merchandise market. Our dropshipping service enables you to sell a wide array of KPOP products without the need to maintain physical inventory. When your customer places an order, we handle the fulfillment process, ensuring that the product is shipped directly from our warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

This service is perfect for those who wish to tap into the thriving market of KPOP merchandise with minimal overhead. As a KPOPTOWN dropshipping partner, you gain access to our extensive product catalog, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping services. We take care of product storage, packaging, and shipping, allowing you to focus on growing your business and customer base.

To learn more about our dropshipping program, including how to join, specific terms and conditions, and pricing details, please visit our dedicated dropshipping information page. For personalized inquiries or additional assistance, our dedicated support team is available at [email protected]. We are committed to providing a seamless and efficient partnership, helping you succeed in the exciting world of KPOP merchandise.

In addition to the benefits of our dropshipping service, we offer an attractive rewards program:

  1. Loyalty Points: Earn 1.5% of your order value in loyalty points, which can be redeemed in future purchases.

  2. Additional Permanent Discounts: Based on your purchase history, you can qualify for extra discounts.

    • Over 100 Orders: Receive a 3% discount permanently.
    • Over 500 Orders: Receive a 4% discount permanently.
    • Over 1,000 Orders: Receive a 5% discount permanently.

These incentives are designed to support and reward our dropshipping partners, contributing to the growth and success of your business with us.

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