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KPOPTOWN is proud to offer a comprehensive dropshipping service, designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses in the KPOP merchandise market. Our dropshipping service enables you to sell a wide array of KPOP products without the need to maintain physical inventory. When your customer places an order, we handle the fulfillment process, ensuring that the product is shipped directly from our warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

This service is perfect for those who wish to tap into the thriving market of KPOP merchandise with minimal overhead. As a KPOPTOWN dropshipping partner, you gain access to our extensive product catalog, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping services. We take care of product storage, packaging, and shipping, allowing you to focus on growing your business and customer base.

To learn more about our dropshipping program, including how to join, specific terms and conditions, and pricing details, please visit our dedicated dropshipping information page. For personalized inquiries or additional assistance, our dedicated support team is available at [email protected]. We are committed to providing a seamless and efficient partnership, helping you succeed in the exciting world of KPOP merchandise.

In addition to the benefits of our dropshipping service, we offer an attractive rewards program:

  1. Loyalty Points: Earn 1.5% of your order value in loyalty points, which can be redeemed in future purchases.

  2. Additional Permanent Discounts: Based on your purchase history, you can qualify for extra discounts.

    • Over 100 Orders: Receive a 3% discount permanently.
    • Over 500 Orders: Receive a 4% discount permanently.
    • Over 1,000 Orders: Receive a 5% discount permanently.

These incentives are designed to support and reward our dropshipping partners, contributing to the growth and success of your business with us.

Greetings from KPOPTOWN, your premier destination for KPOP merchandise. We appreciate your interest in our wholesale program and are delighted to provide you with the necessary guidance and information to get started.

Wholesale Membership Process As a prospective wholesale member, once you confirm your status as a seller (not a retail customer), we will upgrade your account on the KPOPTOWN website to reflect your wholesale status. To initiate this process, please register at new.kpoptown.com with your precise delivery address. We request you to share details about your location, experience in KPOP business, history of ordering items from Korea via DHL or EMS, and any online platforms you operate. This information will facilitate a smooth start to our business relationship.

Flexible Mixed-Albums Policy with Attractive Discounts and Free Posters

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): A total of at least $300 (based on retail prices) is required to qualify for discounts.
  • Discount Structure Based on Item Price:
    • Items priced under $17: 11% discount
    • Items priced $20 and above: 10% discount
    • Items priced between $20 and $50: 9% discount
    • Items priced over $50: 8% discount
  • Higher Order Discounts:
    • Orders exceeding $2,000: additional discounts available for significantly larger orders. Please contact us for more details.

Added Bonus:

  • Free Posters: With every order, we include free posters, enhancing the value of your purchase.

Payment Methods

  • Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card (additional 3% fee applicable).
  • Alternatively, payments can be transferred to our bank account to avoid PayPal fees. Upon request, we will provide foreign currency bank account details. Please ensure the exact agreed amount is received after covering any bank transfer fees.

Shipping and Handling

  • We offer competitive rates for EMS & DHL shipping. The exact shipping cost is charged once the order is ready for dispatch. You can request an estimated shipping cost beforehand.
  • For items shipped to a Korean shipping agent, choose domestic shipping. A 2% domestic shipping and handling charge will be added.
  • Use your own DHL or UPS account by paying a 2% handling charge.
  • We charge shipping costs based on the real weight of the package to minimize your shipping expenses. This method ensures you pay only for the actual shipping weight, making it a more cost-effective solution.

How to receive a Revised Invoice

Please place your order using the bank wire option and provide us with the order reference number to receive a revised invoice that reflects these discounts and shipping costs.

Additional Notes

  • Discounts for resellers exclude the use of vouchers and loyalty points.
  • Order processing takes 4-6 days, potentially longer for pre-order items.
  • Shipping options include DHL and Domestic Shipping (to Korean addresses).
  • Please be aware of your country's customs regulations. We are not responsible for import taxes/duties.
  • Free posters are available for pre-orders, subject to stock availability. While posters may increase package weight, we will not charge additional poster fees for wholesale orders.

For any further inquiries or assistance, feel free to send us email.

Greetings from KPOPTOWN. We deeply appreciate your interest in our wholesale program. To facilitate a seamless wholesale purchasing experience, we have outlined the following steps:

  1. Initial Order Placement: Please visit our website and select your desired items. At checkout, choose the 'bank wire payment' option. This step does not require immediate payment and will effectively create a wishlist for your order.

  2. Invoice Issuance: Upon reviewing your selection, we will generate and send you an invoice reflecting the applicable wholesale discount.

  3. Payment Process: You may complete your payment for the product prices through PayPal or international bank transfer.

  4. Shipping Arrangements: After confirming your payment, we will proceed with the preparation of your items. Subsequently, we will inform you of the shipping fee, which requires payment prior to dispatch.

  5. Order Dispatch: Following the receipt of the shipping fee, your order will be shipped via DHL Express. Please note, a minimum product price of $300 is mandatory for an order to qualify as a wholesale purchase.

To reiterate, our wholesale process involves creating an order, invoicing, processing payments for both the product and shipping fees, and finally, dispatching your order.

Should you require any further assistance or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.


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