Is the album a “first press”?

When it comes to KPOP albums, 'first press' refers to the initial batch of albums released by the manufacturer. These first press editions often come with exclusive bonuses like limited edition gifts, special packaging, or posters that are highly sought after by fans. To ensure you receive a 'first press' album, we recommend placing a pre-order, especially for newly announced releases.

Pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee that you receive these first press editions. As soon as an album's release is announced, we make it available for pre-order on our website. By ordering early, you reserve your copy and any special first press bonuses that come with it. These bonuses are typically available only while supplies last and are distributed on a 'first come, first served' basis.

We understand the excitement and importance of getting these special editions for KPOP fans, so we encourage you to stay informed about the latest album release information. Making your order as soon as a new album is announced increases your chances of securing these coveted first press editions along with their unique gifts and posters.

Remember, the availability of first press editions can be limited, and they are often only available for a short period after the release date. So, keep an eye on our latest releases and place your order promptly to add these special items to your collection.

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